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New Partnership: Vet Sustain & VetSalus

Vet Sustain has formed an exciting new partnership with VetSalus - a developing global network of veterinary consultants dedicated to sustainable food and farming.

Alice Geddes

VetSalus’ core business focuses around the placement of veterinary consultants who will provide expertise on all areas of One Health and are currently working on projects to improve international animal health and welfare. Consultants are listed online, and possess a wide range of skill sets and cover many geographical locations.

The goals of both organisations focus around The United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), and highlight the unique positioning that the veterinary professions occupy at the human-animal-environment interface. Aligning under the One Health banner, our two groups have now agreed to work cooperatively.

As part of the partnership, VetSalus Executive Officer, Alice Geddes will be assisting Vet Sustain’s Food and Farming working group, building tools to promote sustainable agriculture through the work of veterinary practitioners. Work has already begun on a signposting document, a first point of reference providing practical solutions and answering frequently asked questions. This project will then evolve with the aim of developing a recognised program that equips veterinarians and the vet led team with the skills and knowledge to progress on-farm sustainability.

Lewis Griffiths of VetSalus comments:

“We are delighted to be working alongside Vet Sustain and supporting this completely unique initiative As vets, we work daily at the very intersection of human, animal and environmental health, and are ideally placed to have an impact through our own behaviors, the activities of our vet-led businesses and as advocates and advisors to our clients."

For further information on the work done by VetSalus, have a look at their website or follow their social media channels,Twitter and LinkedIn.