The environmental fate of pet flea products

In this webinar, our presenters discuss new evidence from the University of Sussex on the potential environmental impacts of the agents used in pet flea products.

There is mounting evidence that insect populations are in rapid decline. A recent report by Professor Dave Goulson for The Wildlife Trusts concluded that “the consequences are clear; if insect declines are not halted, terrestrial and freshwater ecosystems will collapse, with profound consequences for human wellbeing.”

Recent research explored the potential role of veterinary flea products in widespread pesticide contamination of English rivers, with potential environmental consequences for aquatic and invertebrate populations. With a need to balance the health and welfare of the animals under our care with stewardship of our natural environment, this webinar featuring three of the authors of this important paper, will explore the problem, new evidence, and balanced solutions that can support insect-friendly veterinary practices.

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